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Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease affects 1 in 7 adults in the U.S.

Improving patient outcomes 

Why Engager

en·​gag·​ers | /inˈɡāj ers : Allstars making KDE successful for Patients and Providers

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Dynamic Engagement

Mailed Engagement Kits help motivate and retain patients in a KDE program. Kits can be mailed out at various frequencies and intervals


Direct Scheduling  

Our platform allows you to schedule qualified Educators that meet Medicare's licensing requirements. Patient outreach is automated and tailored for each patient. 


On-Demand Tech

Our connectivity kits enable Telehealth KDE sessions. With a one-click portal launch running on 5G devices, virtual KDE sessions offer a patient-centered appointment option. 

Real-World Data, Direct Scheduling

Providers can deploy an advanced analytics overlay on existing EHR data warehouses. Using methods such as multinomial logistic regression to build relative risk ratios, EngagerConnect drives engagement by offering the right engagement strategy to the right patients at the right time. 


On-Demand Infrastructure

Don't let patient access to video streaming technology be the bottleneck that prevents a telehealth KDE session. Engager's connectivity kit deployment ensures that the necessary bandwidth, devices, and software applications are live and ready to go for the appointment. 



We offer flexible pricing that allows you to test out our services before making a long-term commitment.  We also offer customized enterprise arrangements for clients looking to deploy Engager's solutions at scale. Email to set-up an introductory call.

Dialysis Support Solutions

Engager offers a Nephrology focused platform of support services for practices serving in-home dialysis patients. 

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